Where im going to start ? to be honest this page “Àbout me” is  one of the hardest thing to make story because we can lie here right if i said im tall and sexy would you believe ?? no right haha!

Okay! that  is just my introduction i will start now.  Im originally from Philippines im fully Asian with a heart im from the land of Mindanao the Land of nature and peace I love my province so much but of course i also love to TRAVEL and I also love to meet  PEOPLE i was 20 when i come here and its also my first time to celebrate my BIRTHDAY HERE so im now 21  I look young yes im still young and HAPPY  SILLY type of person. I love to walk around the city in short to explore  as much as i can i as long as im not lazy.


Living in Europe far away from your family and also far away to the food that you most like haha it super difficult but Hey! if you really have dreams and ambitions in life grab ON IT! and make it REAL because you never know when they will come or when they go.


About my education im 2 years Degree Holder i finish my College 2014-2015 i take up BUSINESS OFFICE INFORMATION SYSTEM and also 3rd year in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MAJOR IN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT well suddenly i did not  finish it because i have to work and help my mom.But i still have plan to continue one day. and take masters.


I´m the cutes to the family  i have one brother he still studying He took Education because he wants to be teacher thats what he told me  well my bro, GOOD LUCK .

My Mama one of the beautiful creature in the world she working on her own business and My Papa who pass away a year ago.


Well that’s my story !