Denmark 🇩🇰 

Denmark 🇩🇰 

Hello Denmark

From Philippines 🇵🇭 to Denmark its take 1.1/2 day  And its my first time to travel across the world 🌎 and it’s super mixed feelings because  I’m going to Europe for long time waiting for 7 months working and prossing  all documents finally God Answered Prayers.

February 27 I’m already in Denmark I had 2  stop over Taiwan and Netherlands 🇳🇱  but unlucky it’s just a stop over I  don’t have time to tour around and visit some places but the good thing is i Experience even just a little bit second to smell that air  I know it’s weird but I’m so happy with that.

This one of the popular amusement  park in Copenhagen  Denmark

I Can describe Denmark is one of the beautiful country and People.

Akala ko una it was a nightmare  Kasi pag gising ko malamig na di katulad sa gensan ma init.  I finally fulfilled my dreams  pasensya at determination was my key why  I’m here.

Sarap talaga mangarap sarap talaga umpisahan at sarap isipin na aabot mo na yung mga bagay na Hindi mo na bibili kahit kailan man ngayon na bibili mo na yung mga pag kain na gusto mo kainin Kasi nag tiya at nag sumikap ako para ma namnam kunaman luho ko.

At the age of 21  andito na ako  sa pinapangrap  ko dati nung ako 17 years old palang lagi ako na inspired sa mga batang successful at lagi ko sina sabi sasarili ko One Day magiging ganyan din ako.

Honestly I don’t have good high grades like other I don’t have honors when I was elementary and high school even when I in college I never let my parents experience to stand into the stage and put medals on me. Kasi nga I’m Not like everyone I’m different.

When I was grade 6 I remember my father said to me because I ask him “Wala lagi ka nag attend sa ako graduation pa” why you did not attend to my graduation father . And he said Why should I you don’t have any awards . And that day I feel that I’m really  down because even my father said that to me I had tutor since kindergarden but nothings happen I’m not still good in memorizing and math.

But when my father pass away, I promise to my self even I’m not good in academics   I will not gonna be lazy and I will not gonna stop learning  even I got failing grades .

My elementary days I have 3 Red Mark which means i FAILED  the subject.  And that’s really hurt so much kasi lahat sila PASSED tapos ako hindi i was bully buy my classmate elementary days kasi hindi pa ako masyado magaling mag basa ng english  i don´t know ngayon magaling na ba ako mag english hahah or ganun parin ? anyways YEAH bully elementary days and when i was high school hindi na ata kasi i become stronger I attend MARTIAL ARTS and become a Varsity player see di man ako matalino sa academics meron  naman ako talent sa Sports.



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