Fredericksborg Castle

Fredericksborg Castle

Sunday ! The last day of Weekends so I decide to go Out of town and see some part of Denmark.

So I decided to visit one of the famous Castle here in Denmark and that is Fredericksborg.

How to get in Fredericksborg well google is the best help promise !

Okay this how I get in to the Castle from Fredericksberg Copenhagen to Fredericksborg Castle they have same pronunciation but different spelling and places Fredericksberg is closer to the Copenhagen which is the capital city of Denmark.

This my Guide

I took train going to the Fredericksborg.

And it’s take an Hour before you get here in Hillerød is the name of the city where you can see the Fredericksborg Castle.

Hillerød is a small city 🌃 but it’s super quiet beautiful. and this is the Fredericksborg Castle.

One of the famous castle here in Denmark .

You should visit here.

And they also have big beautiful garden I guess this the most beautiful it because of the landscape and very nature.

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