When you Said France first thing that comes to your mind is Paris the Tower the lovely Tower but for me Its looks normal and nothing special at all seriously πŸ˜’ it’s not special because I’m alone it’s not special because it’s just a tower and so high Tower .

Back when I was high school I really don’t dream to go in Europe I dream was USA because I had lots of relatives. But everything is chance.

I’m inlove in Europe I love the way they make food using potatoes πŸ₯” I love it 😍 much . I’m in love in Europe because it’s easy to earn here than to my country if your not lazy offcourse.

I’m inlove in Europe because they love me here.

I did not expect this thing happening to me like going to France living in Denmark I did not expect that It might be God make my path not me.

When I was in France in Paris I’m staying at China Town because it’s quiet cheap for me I was stay there like 3 nights btw I could recommend you to the Place where I was staying the landlord was so Nice even she don’t speak English well but she so sweet I want to share something it so embarrassing for me ” I was in my room and ready to go for a walk when the landlady come to my room and fix my things and I told her Just leave it I’ll fix it when I’m going back well she did not listen she did is she “kurot” I don’t know I’m English kurot and she fix my things then she said “clean it because your a girl” that’s is in chines I understand chines a little actually .

this the outside of my window its looks like five star right hahah! this actually a good place and a friendly neighbor too.

My arrival is the Paris Orly Terminal.

This my first ticket it cost 1.90 euro.Β 

they said the public transportation in Paris is really difficult but for me no its not if you have good internet service and you are good in maps . I can say im a little bit good of searching and also finding out but its depends of my mood if i see smart .

One of every kids dream to visit the oldest disney in paris . i did not plan to visit here it because i was thinking that this might be expensive for me My host parents tells that you need to go and visit there because its beautiful and im sure that you will be had fun. Then yeah I did lot of fun the ticket cos 70 euro .


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